Where Crowned + Lovely First Began

As Co-Creator and Lead Artisan of Crowned + Lovely, when I started 18 years ago, I wasn't trying to start an organic personal care brand. I wasn't trying to start any brand for that matter. I was a young, emerging advertising professional who had quit her day job to stay home and take care of our four children.

My daughter Zoe, the youngest of the four was 18 months when we went to see our pediatrician about her chronically dry, itchy, peeling and hypersensitive skin. He thought she could possibly have Eczema and suggested products that could help. All of them contained harmful ingredients, including parabens. And as I saw it, we were spending money to make Zoe's skin issues worse.  

I believed then and I still believe that skin, though individual and complex is basic and universal in its need to be fed, cleansed and moisturized. There had to be a simple solution to what felt like a compound problem.

I thought to myself, "How did people in history bathe long before chemical development became a thing?" After doing research, I realized that if I stripped away all of the stuff that is so unnecessary;  like dies, perfumes, synthetic preservative systems and so-called, "natural ingredients" that did more harm than good and worked with what was left; what would actually be left?  

I started my formulations from the leftovers that turned out to be the only essentials needed to make powerfully effective skincare. What was left was beautiful and lovely. And it worked! Skin is organic, so why use anything that's not organic to nourish it? Soon I had created a basic soap that became my go-to for our family of six. Zoe's skin healed. 

The idea expanded from soap to how I can take care of all of my family's individual skin care needs from our kitchen cabinet. It became fun to create a skin care recipe from our grocery list. At one point, I was creating a new skincare recipe every week. Some were horrible. Some were average. Some were extraordinary. Friends and family started asking for products and a glimmer of Crowned + Lovely was born. 

Today, Crowned + Lovely is regal, powerful and essential organic skincare solutions harnessed from beautiful nature. Still, our heart reaches beyond being a brand to being a family of passionate Artisan's who cultivate +inspire the world to be a family, especially to those who are without one.

We're partnering with organizations to address homeless youth who've aged out of  Foster Care with the same imagination and research that it's taken to create products that we proudly present to our customers. And we're determined to help find a better way to take care of people, just like we've found a better way to take care of skin.  

With every purchase, we donate 20% of our profits to organizations who work to end homelessness among youth. When you shop at Crowned + Lovely, not only have you found a solution you become part of the solution. Here's to you and your sacred, beautiful and gorgeous skin! 

Much Love,